PhD Research

These are dissertations that were written by PhD students of the Conflict Management and Negotiation Graduate Program. The list is incomplete and is currently being updated.:

  • The Tradition of Aaron, Pursuer of Peace between Man and Man as a Rabbinic Model of Reconciliation (2009)

Daniel Roth under the supervision of Professor Moshe Rosman

  • Analytical Framework for the Consideration of the Normative Position of International Non-Governmental Oraganizations (INGOs) Under International Law (2009)

Har'el Ben-Ari under the guidance of Professor Gerald Steinberg

  • The Mental Representation of "Trust" in Negotiation, and their Mediate Role between the Individual's Attachment Style and his Negotiating Strategies (2006)

Nurit Reisman under the supervision of Professor Rachel Ben-Ari

  • The Accomodational Society: The Civil Society Organizations - Reconciliation Attempts of the Religious-Secular Conflict (2006)

Bat-Chen Weinheber under the supervision of Dr. Asher Cohen

  • Directive and Non-Directive Ways for Problem Solving Through Counseling (2004)

Sarah Ben-Arzi under the guidance of Professor Rachel Ben-Ari

  • Perspectives on the Use of Power by Mediators and its Influence on Mediation Outcomes: A Legal, Philosophical and Psychological Analysis (2003)

Omer Shapira under the guidance of Dr. Michal Alberstein

  • Human, not too Human: Mediation's Mediation (2002)

Ran Kuttner under the supervision of Professor Yuli Tamir and Dr. Moshe Zuckerman