Academic Staff Research/Professional Interests


Title & Name

Research/Professional Interests

Prof. Ephraim Tabory  

Prof. Michal Alberstein

Jurisprudence, conflict resolution, therapeutic legal theory, trauma and memory, ethics and law of public medicine

Dr. Hadar Behrendt

Emotions in conflict and negotiation, social-psychological aspects of conflict

Prof. Rachel Ben Ari

Intergroup relations, social cognition, educational social psychology, conflicts, negotiation and mediation

Dr. Revital Hami-Ziniman

Mediation, negotiation, conflicts, organizations

Dr. Alick Isaacs

Religion and conflicts

Dr. Binyamin Molov

Conflict resolution methods in the Israeli society

Dr. Rafi Nets-Zehngut

Social-psychology of inter/intrastate conflicts, dictatorships and the Holocaust: including collective memory, reconciliation, healing transitional justice, self-censorship and narratives

Dr. Nurit Reisman

Organizational conflicts, trust in negotiations

Dr. Nimrod Rosler

Leadership in conflict and in its resolution, gender and conflict resolution

Dr. Elisheva Rosman

Army-religion and army-society relationship

Dr. Daniel Roth

Religion and conflicts

Prof. Jay Rothman

Identity-based conflict, intragroup pre-negotiation, dialogue, empathy, reflexive praxis, Jerusalem, Israel-Palestinian negotiations and track two diplomacy

Dr. Amira Schiff

Management and resolution of international conflicts