webinar של פרופ' ג'י רוטמן

הנכם מוזמנים להכנס ללינק ולשמוע את הרצאתו של פרופ' ג' רוטמן בנושא:

Conflict Resolution and Systems Dynamics - From Jerusalem to Cincinnati and Back
Rothman will share his experience in applying systems dynamics theories - like engaging vicious cycles to transform them in to virtuous ones, and making peace an attractor - in three distinct, but linked, cases of conflict and creative intervention. The first case was conducted in Jerusalem in 1991 and established a model of peacemaking from the inside-out (i.e. from stories and identities to negotiation). The second case adapted that model and was conducted in Cincinnati, Ohio, following race riots there in 2001. That work led to peace and change that was lauded by the then-US Attorney General as "the best model for police reform and improved police-community relations in America." The third is currently being designed and will bring the lessons from Cincinnati to Jerusalem. Rothman will conclude with a description of these plans to implement the theories and lessons-learned shared in this talk.