Dr. Hadas Cohen





       Multilevel Access to Justice in a world of Vanishing Trials: A Conflict Resolution"

  Perspective," Hadas Cohen and Michal Alberstein, Fordham Urban Law Journal

        Volume 47), (2019)


  Treason, Shame and the Injury to the Honor of the Nation: The Story of Tali"

   (Fhima, the Enemy of the People,” Politics (2019) (In Hebrew


Book Collections


Israeli Jews in the New Berlin From Shoah Memories to Middle Eastern"

Encounters,” co-author with Dani Krantz, inCultural Topographies of the New

        Berlined. Karin Bauer and Jennifer Ruth Hosek (New York: Berghahn, 2017).


        Stop! Traitors Ahead: Traitors as the Sign-Posts of the Border,” in Bordersed. by

         (Hani Zubeida and Raanan Lipshitz, (Yediot Aharonot, 2017) (In Hebrew 


Research fields: law and society, political science and gender theory

Law and Society - an investigation of the relationship between law, identity politics and gender, placing the legal analysis within a larger ideological and national framework