Mediation Center

General Information

Our academic  Mediation Center, the first  in Israel (established in 2003) provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of mediation, negotiations, and conflict resolution. The Center receives cases from labor courts (and other bodies), and each case is dealt with by an experienced mediator and a mediation student who has undergone practical training.

The Center also offers an academic course, entitled “Practice in Mediation”, where future mediators receive focused, comprehensive, and practical preparation. The mediations that take place in the Center also serve the  research field, by examining and developing conflict resolution programs and strategies in Israel.

The Center offers free mediation services for the campus community. Based on the understanding that the aim of the Center is educational, the mediations are observed by (a limited number of) mediation students who are committed to maintaining complete confidentiality regarding the mediation process, as are the mediators.

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The Bar Ilan University Mediation Center differs from private mediation frameworks on the market, based on its theoretical and research foundation, human capital, and level which is ideal for students who wish to specialize in this field while contributing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the community.