Mediation Center

The Bar-Ilan Campus Mediation Center, staffed by the program's faculty, graduates and students, provides minimal cost mediation and conflict management services to the campus community and beyond. Students are exposed to practical training in mediation and conflict management programs as part of their graduate program.

The Center also handles cases referred to the Center by the Israeli courts. These cases are mediated by students supervised by experienced mediators. Center volunteers have also been active in introducing educational mediation programs in elementary schools in Israel.

A special preliminary course in mediation that fulfills government requirement for official recognition and a certificate as mediators is offered to our students. Those graduating this course are later able to take an active role in the clinic or in the private sector.

The Center's Director is Dr. Revital Hami-Ziniman, a graduate of our doctoral program, and now a faculty member with wide expertise in the field of mediation.