MA students – Requirements

Pre-master’s requirements

M.A. Prerequisite Course:  Law, 27-706 Fundamentals of the Law


Students who did not take this course during their B.A. degree must do so during the first year of their M.A. studies.

Where required, notification of this mandatory course  is sent to students with their letter of acceptance.

Students will not be permitted to register for their second year of studies prior to completing this course. The registration system will be blocked for students who did not complete this course on time.

To remove their Conditional Admittance Status, students must pass this course with a grade of 80 or higher. Students who do not do so (in Moed Aleph) may take  the exam at the end of the same semester (Moed Bet), or retake the exam in order to improve their grade.

After receiving their course grade, students must submit a form to the Master’s Degree Committee, in order to be fully registered on the MA program. The form can be accessed via the Internet or obtained from the Service and Recruitment Unit (Shema), Building 502/12.

Students who have been required to take this course, yet have taken a similar course that includes most of the study material, may submit a request for exemption. To do so, students must complete a form for the School of Graduate Studies, and submit it to the Program’s office, together with the course syllabus.


Mandatory Courses in Judaism

For more information about the required  courses in Judaism,


Mandatory Courses in English

Students who completed all English requirements for their Bachelor’s Degree (via exemption or equivalent courses) are exempt from additional English courses in the MA program (on both tracks, with or without a thesis).