MA studies– Requirements

Pre-master’s requirements

M.A. Prerequisite Course:  Law, 27-706 Fundamentals of the Law

This is a requred first year coure for Students who did not take this course as part of their B.A. degree  studies (or an equivalent course)

Students can register for their second year of studies only after completing this requirement. 

First year students must pass this required course with a grade of 80 or higher (see below about exemptions) in Moed Aleph or Moed Bet. Registration for the second year of studies is contingent upon fulfilling this requirement. Students whose University acceptance was conditional upon completion of this requirement must submit a request to the University’s M.A Committee to change their status following receipt of their grade.

Exemptions: Students who took this course as part of their B.A. studies are exempt from this requirement (and their acceptance to the program will be as matriculated students). Students who took a similar course may ask to have that course recognized as equivalent by submitting a University M.A. request form to the program together with a copy of the syllabus of the equivalent course. Upon approval, the Program will forward their request to the University M.A. Committee. 

Mandatory Courses Jewish studies

The university require all students to enroll in a jewish studies course (or equivalent)
For more information about the required  courses in Jewish studies,

Mandatory Courses in English

Students who completed all English requirements for their Bachelor’s Degree (via exemption or equivalent courses) are exempt from additional English courses in the M.A. program (in both tracks, with or without a thesis).