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Conflicts can occur in a range of settings: between individuals, communities, and nations. Each of us can benefit from having the knowledge and skills  needed to constructively deal with conflict. People who possess such skills are an asset in every framework and organization.

The Conflict Management, Resolution and Negotiation Program at Bar Ilan University offers a Master’s degree program with or without a thesis and a Ph.D. program. The program integrates theory, tools, and practice – a combination that is possible thanks to the expertise of the program’s faculty. Our faculty include leading researchers and lecturers who have expertise in areas such as legal aspects of conflict resolution in the intercommunal and international arenas, as well as interreligious, inter-cultural, and identity-related aspects necessary for advancing peace and stability. Our lecturers  are also involved in international organizations, multi-cultural community-civil initiatives, businesses, and the education system.

The understanding that conflicts are a multi-faceted social phenomenon that require different approaches and orientations  as well as a varied skill box for dealing with multi-dimensional conflicts in a changing reality, is reflected in the  courses that our program offers. In addition to courses  on theory – how conflicts arise and how they should be managed and resolved – students take part in our practical workshops and conduct a field project where they observe and implement techniques for managing and resolving conflicts.

An important feature of the program is the academic mediation center which operates on campus. Mediation students offer mediation services to the campus community and to cases that are assigned to the center by the Labor Court – under the guidance of expert mediators.

The activity and training in the mediation center is accompanied by an intensive course that provides comprehensive and focused practical training, for enhancing students’ mediation skills which includes  observation, analysis, and discussions of real cases.

For the first time in Israel, our program offers a  non thesis master’s degree in the interdisciplinary field of crisis management. This is a one-year progrem (including a summer semester) or a two-year progrem. This studies provide theoretical knowledge, practical training, and the opportunity to employ use the tools and skills from the field of conflict resolution – for dealing with different stages and levels of acute crises and conflicts: between individuals; in organizations; and inter and intra-community conflicts – in Israel and in the international arena. Students are exposed to current research that provides interdisciplinary insights and are provided with tools  effective to prevent the deterioration of crisis situations.

The multidisciplinary mediation courses that we offer provide students with a broad foundation for study and practice. In addition to courses in mediation, students choose from a range of courses, such as: conflict resolution and mediation in educational systems in the 21st century; online mediation; practical aspects in the digital space; court cases and arbitration; negotiation workshops, disputes in family circles; emotions and conflict; and restorative justice. Students are also exposed to topics such as: separation and divorce; gender; conflict management in organizations; Jewish-Arab discourse and inter-religious peace building; group narratives in Israeli society; sexual assault; environmental issues; and diplomacy and international conflicts. 

The Conflict Management, Resolution, and Negotiation Program  at Bar Ilan University is suitable for people who wish to acquire skills for dealing with conflict in a constructive manner, including both novice and experienced mediators. The academic studies equip our students with theoretical and practical tools for advancing structural changes and enhancing inter-personal communications in conflict situations, and provide an edge in bringing about win-win solutions. Our graduates hold key positions in the private and public sectors. They are positioned to help strengthen trust building in our diverse society, in the Middle East, and in the larger global context.

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