About the CRMN Graduate Program

Launched in 2000, the Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation (CRMN) Graduate Program is part of the Interdisciplinary Studies Unit at BIU.  The Program awards Masters and PhD degrees (in Hebrew), sponsors research, conflict resolution training programs and international conferences, and operates a Mediation Center. The program recently launched the Religion and Conflict Resolution Masters Track, and publishes the International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution. The Program's distinguished faculty merge theory and practice in an interdisciplinary manner. Students come from all walks of Israeli Jewish, Muslim and Christian societies. Together faculty and students examine the utility of models and techniques in negotiation, diplomacy and conflict resolution training in a wide range of issues of central importance to Israeli society and internationally.

The CRMN Program has a theoretical emphasis on identity-based conflict and primarily concentrates on three fields: International and regional conflicts, dialogue and conflict resolution in Israel, as well as interpersonal and community mediation, ADR (Alternative Disoute Resolution), restorative justice and conflict resolution techniques.

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