The Multidisciplinary Mediation Program

The Multidisciplinary Mediation Program

Studies in the Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Graduate Program are suited for both novice and experienced mediators. The theoretical background acquired in the program serves as a meaningful basis for achieving an in-depth understanding of conflicts and human behavior in conflict situations, and addresses a range of models for dealing with complex cases in which there is a  lack of agreement between parties

Students in the program receive  practical experience, combined with in-depth reflective analysis and feedback, to enhance the understanding and perspectives of both novice and experienced mediators regarding the mediation process. Mediators who have graduated from our program testify that the program studies have significantly enhanced their mediating skills, thanks to the wide variety of interdisciplinary courses that the program offers.

Relevant courses offered include: Mediation; conflict resolution and mediation in educational systems in the 21st  century; online mediation – practical aspects in the digital space; a multi-disciplinary outlook on conflict resolution; court cases and arbitration; Negotiations workshop; disputes in family circles; separation and divorce from a psychological outlook; online and digital conflict resolution processes; and practicum in mediation – practical workshop.

The Multidisciplinary Mediation Program

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