Mediation Course

Mediation Course

The progrem regularly offers a mediation course that is based on the recommended format issued by the Gadot Committee, Ministry of Justice. 

Throughout the mediation process, the mediator’s role is to help the involved parties reach an agreement and resolve their conflict. To provide professional mediation services, mediators must possess in-depth knowledge of conflict analysis and cooperative negotiations.

The course provides students with a broad theoretical foundation for understanding the mediation model and acquiring relevant tools that can be implemented in the mediation process.

Course Objectives

  • Achieving an in-depth theoretical understanding of conflicts and practical tools for conflict analysis and resolution
  • Acquiring a strong understanding of the mediation process
  • Attaining a comprehensive understanding of the role of the mediator
  • Acquiring necessary tools for practicing and managing the mediation process

With the exception of one online lecture, all lectures will take place on the Bar Ilan University campus. In addition to the lectures, students will also participate in simulations that are led by professional mediators and conducted in small groups.


Certification: Students who fulfill the course requirements will receive a Certificate upon completing the Mediation Course.

Coordinator: Dr. Revital Hami-Ziniman

Comments: There ia an additional chanrge fot this elective course, Refunds will not be possible after paying for the course.

*The mediation course will commence subject to a minimum of 15 participants (and a maximum of 24 students).

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