General Information

General Information

The Conflict Management, Resolution & Negotiation Graduate Program is an interdisciplinary graduate program offering the MA and Ph.D degrees.

The field of conflict management and resolution draws upon knowledge from a range of academic fields, including the social sciences, humanities, law, and cultural studies, informed by the understanding that conflicts are a multi-faceted social phenomenon that should be addressed in a multi-dimensional manner.

The program seeks is to enable the student to better understand the causes  of conflict based on a variety of approaches, and to acquire tools for dealing with conflicts constructively  in a changing reality.

The two graduate tracks of the program (MA and PhD) provide students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of conflict development, management and resolution.

The courses offer an interdisciplinary understanding of different levels of conflicts, including conflicts within and between individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and countries, while addressing a range of means for resolving such conflicts.

The Program is suitable for people who wish to enrich their toolbox with skills that will enable them to serve as positive, moderating, and mediating agents in their home, social, and work environments.

The Program was developed for people who serve or wish to serve in key positions in the field of negotiations and conflict management and resolution, in both the private and public sectors.

The studies in the Conflict Management,  Resolution & Negotiation Graduate Program at Bar Ilan University will make you a true asset in any organization, while providing you with a competitive edge when seeking a new position in today’s highly competitive labor market. The courses will also equip you with optimal tools for managing and resolving conflicts, improving inter-personal communications, and leading structural, organizational, institutional, and even larger social change.

Students in the program can also choose the Multidisciplinary Mediation Track, especially suited to people who wish to train as mediators, as well as providing enrichment to practicing mediators.

Students can also choose to study in the Interdisciplinary Crisis Management Track.

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