Dr. Amira Schiff


    Director of the Conflict Management, Resolution & Negotiation Graduate Program at Bar-Ilan University.


    As a professor specializing in international conflict resolution, I feel fortunate to be able to help my students acquire the knowledge, skills, and critical-thinking abilities offered by this dynamic and vibrant academic field.

    My research interests include conflict management and peace processes in intrastate and interstate conflicts, pre-negotiation processes, third-party mediation, and international negotiation. In my Readiness2ndGen project, I explored the extension of readiness theory to the conflicts in Aceh, Sudan, Sri Lanka, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the U.S.-North Korea crisis. My latest research is on the fundamentals that contribute to the efficacy of third-party mediation in international crisis settings.


    In addition to studies published in academic journals, I am the author of two books:

    Negotiating Intractable Conflicts: Readiness Theory Revisited. Abingdon, England: Routledge. (2019)

    Conflict Resolution in the International Arena. The Open University Press (2023).


    Email: amira.schiff@biu.ac.il

    For more information see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amiraschiff/


    International mediations

    Last Updated Date : 02/01/2024