Dr. Karmit Klar-Chalamish



    Ph.D.   2012-2017, Bar-Ilan University, Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation (CRMN) Graduate Program, Michal Alberstein (advisor), Restorative Justice as Conflict Resolution- Between Theory and Practice: Examining the Use of Restorative Justice Practices in Cases of Incest.

    M.A. 2010-2012, The College of Management Academic Studies, School of Behavioral Sciences (Family Studies). 

    L.L.M.  2001-2002, Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Law.

    L.L.B. 1995-1999, Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), Harry Radzyner Law School.

    Academic Ranks and Tenure in Institutes of Higher Education

    2022-today, Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Law, Teacher Part-Time.

    2021- today, Bar-Ilan University, Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation, Teacher Part-Time.

    2018-today, Bar-Ilan University, Department of Criminology, Teacher Part-Time.

    2012-2014, The College of Management Academic Studies, School of Behavioral Sciences, Junior Teaching Assistant.

    2011-2015, Hebrew University, Law faculty, Assistant Teacher.

    Professional Activities

    2017- today, The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, Head of research department.

    2007-2012,  Ha'Sharon Rape Crisis Center, Director of Legal Advocacy Department.

    2008-2007, KEDEM Association, Facilitator of Restorative Justice.

    2001, Member of the Israel Bar Association, License Number 29300.

    International Projects

    2020-2021, CSiS (Child Safeguarding in Sport') Project- European Union (EU) and Council of Europe (COE) joint project. The Israeli team.

    2021-2022, Sacred Spaces Inc, Consultant- development of a survey and analysis of data. 

    Scientific Publications


    Books Chapters

    Klar-Chalamish C., Peleg-Koriat, I. & Rahamim, E. (2021). Sibling sexual abuse: Restorative Justice as a tool to restore the family system in M. Shechory Bitton, J. Abulafia & L. Zvi (Eds). Sexual offences in Israel: Trends in legislation, assessment and treatment. Jerusalem: Carmel (Hebrew).

    Leist, P., Tauber, D., & Klar-Chalamish, C. (2016). Restorative justice for sex offence- is it possible? In U. Yanay & T. Gal (Eds.) From wrongdoing to righting the wrong: Restorative justice and restorative discourse in Israel (pp. 175-198). Jerusalem: Magnes Press. (Hebrew). 


    Ulman, S. Gueta, K. & Klar-Chalamish, C.  (2023). The Process of Online Disclosures of Interpersonal Victimization: A Systematic Review, Trauma, Violence, & Abuse. (DOI: 10.1177/15248380231204886/ ID: TVA-22-310.R2)

    Peleg‐Koriat, I., & Klar‐Chalamish, C. (2023). Sexual offense victims' responses to the question# WhyIDidntReport? Examining restorative justice as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism. Conflict Resolution Quarterly40(3), 295-312.

    Gueta, K., & Klar-Chalamish, C. (2022). “The Global Sense of Disaster was Synchronized With my Own Disaster”: Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis on the Wellbeing of Survivors of Sexual Violence. Qualitative health research, 10497323221089878.

    Klar-Chalamish C., & Peleg-Koriat, I. (2021). From trauma to recovery: Restorative justice conferencing in cases of intrafamilial sexual offenses. Journal of Family Violence.


    Wenger, M., Kalir, T., Berger, N., Chalamish, C., Keydar, R., & Stanovsky, G. (2021). Automated Extraction of Sentencing Decisions from Court Cases in the Hebrew Language. arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.12383.

    Klar-Chalamish C., & Peleg-Koriat, I. (2020). The relationship between the #MeToo movement and restorative justice. Israeli Criminology. 9, 33-53. (Hebrew).

    Peleg-Koriat, I., & Klar-Chalamish, C. (2020). The #MeToo movement and restorative justice: Exploring the views of the public. Contemporary Justice Review: Issues in Criminal, Social, and Restorative Justice. 23(3), 239-260.


    Books Chapter

    Yanay., U, Shachaf-Friedman, E. & Klar-Chalamish., C. Restorative Justice in Israel. In  Encyclopaedia on Restorative Justice General editors: Ivo Aertsen and Jennifer Llewellyn.

    Brot, B. & Klar-Chalamish, C. (in press). Summary and future work in U. Yanay, B. Brot & C. Klar-Chalamish (Eds.) Twenty years of the Crime Victims Act Israeli law. (Hebrew).


    U. Yanay, B. Brot & C. Klar-Chalamish (Eds.) Twenty years of the Crime Victims Act Israeli law. (Hebrew)






    theory and practice, Gender, Dispute settlement and negotiation.

    Last Updated Date : 23/10/2023