Dr. Daniel Roth


    Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth 
    Lecturer on Religion and Conflict Resolution, Bar-Ilan University 
    & Ditector of Mosaica 
    Dr. Roth is a core faculty member at Bar-Ilan University’s Graduate Program for Conflict Management, Resolution and Negotiation where he teaches graduate courses on crisis management, religious conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. 

    Roth is also the director of Mosaica, an Israeli NGO advancing community mediation and dialogue in Israel. Much of Roth’s work focuses on the network of insider religious mediators who help prevent, mitigate, and mediate crisis situations throughout Israel, the Middle East, and beyond. Roth is also a core faculty member of Shakla vaTariya, the institute for negotiation and crisis management based in Herzliya. He has published several academic articles on conflict resolution in the Jewish tradition and on insider religious mediation. His book, Third-Party Peacemakers in Judaism: Text Theory and Practice, was published by Oxford University Press in 2021.
    Roth holds a Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University’s Graduate Program for Conflict Management, Resolution, and Negotiation; an MA in Talmud from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; a B.Ed in Jewish Philosophy from Herzog Teachers’ College; and studied for eight years at Yeshivat Har Etzion during which time he received rabbinic ordination.


    Jewish approaches to conflict resolution

    Last Updated Date : 17/10/2023